Louisbourg Navy League Hut (Heritage Notes No. 5)- by William A. O’Shea

Published by the Louisbourg Heritage Society in May 1994. Louisbourg Navy League Hut (A Provincial Heritage Property) William A. O’Shea  In May 1994 the Louisbourg Navy League building was designated a Provincial Heritage Property. Cecil Grant, President, and Michael Burke, Past President, of the Louisbourg & Area Lions Club recognized the heritage value of the... Continue Reading →

“Rescued by Gallant Fishermen…” (Heritage Notes No. 3) by Jean Kyte

This Louisbourg Heritage Notes, was written by Jean Kyte and edited by William O'Shea. It was published by the Louisbourg Heritage Society in January 1993. “I couldn’t believe we were 25 or 30 minutes”, was the comment Ed Levy afterwards, in describing the rescue of the crew of the United States sub chaser SC-709 which... Continue Reading →

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