Louisbourg in 1900 – 100 years ago – Irving Gas Station – by Bill O’Shea (2000)

LOUISBOURG HERITAGE NOTES IN THE LOUISBOURG SEAGULL Extracted from © The Seagull Louisbourg Heritage Notes "January 2000" Louisbourg in 1900 - 100 years ago. The big Louisbourg event for the summer of 1900 was a visit by the Prime Minister, Sir Wilfrid Laurier. He came to the fortress site to address the annual picnic of the... Continue Reading →

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Bill O’Shea (Fortress of Louisbourg)

W.A. (Bill) O’Shea 1946 - 2019 Someone once remarked that we see further when we stand on the shoulders of giants. Bill O’Shea was such a giant for the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site.  Bill’s career with Parks Canada spanned over 40 years beginning in Placentia and ending at Cornwall, but he is best... Continue Reading →

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