William A. O’Shea – October 16, 1946 – October 14th, 2019

William A. O’Shea  William Anthony O’Shea was born in Cornwall on October 16, 1946. He was educated in Cornwall graduating from CCVS. He graduated from St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto with an M.A. in Social Anthropology. It was there he met his future wife Helen Anne Nixon. He had a long and distinguished career... Continue Reading →

The Congregation of Notre-Dame in 18th Century Louisbourg (Heritage Notes No. 7) – by A.J.B. Johnston (edited by Bill O’Shea)

The Congregation of Notre-Dame in 18th Century Louisbourg By A.J.B. Johnston (edited by Bill O’Shea) First published by the Louisbourg Heritage Society in July 1995. First on Cape Breton Island, then in exile in France, the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre-Dame served the people of Louisbourg for many decades. Their aim was to always... Continue Reading →

What is the O’Shea Archives?

The O'Shea Archives is the home for the historical writing and research of Canadian historian, writer and researcher, William A. O'Shea (Bill O'Shea). This is a new digital collection of many years of historical writing. Over the coming weeks and months this site will be populated with a great deal of historical information about the... Continue Reading →

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