Lighthouses of Louisbourg (Photos) – collected by William A. O’Shea

William A. O’Shea (Bill O’Shea) was very passionate about the history of his adopted home of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. This archives is proof of that.

While going through records, books, and research he gave to me before his passing in 2019, I found hundreds of incredible photographs. Many of historical significance.

In this post, I wanted to share with you some photographs and sketches of the Louisbourg lighthouses.

William wrote about these lighthouses and you can learn more by reading this post: Louisbourg Lighthouses – by Bill O’Shea

In this photo, we can see the current Louisbourg lighthouse as well as the 1734 and 1842 lighthouses.
1842 Louisbourg lighthouse. This was in service until 1923.
1734 Louisbourg lighthouse.
The 1734 Louisbourg Lighthouse. This lighthouse was damaged heavily during the 1758 siege.
1842 Louisbourg lighthouse in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia , Canada.

This site is dedicated to the memory of William A. O’Shea:

William A. O’Shea was a researcher, historian, and manager for Parks Canada / Heritage Canada. His professional life was dedicated to learning more about and teaching Canada about the history of our country. One of his personal passions has always been to learn more about local histories and share them with the broader community. He was a founding member of the Louisbourg Heritage Society, Deputy Mayor of the Town of Louisbourg (Nova Scotia) and wrote many books and articles about the town of Louisbourg and the surrounding area. He called Louisbourg home for more than 30 years. Until his passing on October 14th, 2019, he resided in Cornwall, Ontario near his home town of Long Sault, Ontario. 

William A. O’Shea (Bill O’Shea) explaining the history of St. Rafael’s Ruins to Mai O’Shea in Glengarry, Ontario.

This site is maintained and updated by Kevin O’Shea (O’Shea Archives founder).

Contact Kevin (email):

Twitter: @madformaple


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